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Emma Kuzmick

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Emma was born in December 2008 and was shortly thereafter diagnosed with a very rare liver disease called biliary atresia.  After an initial surgery in February 2009 and dozens of hospitalizations for various infections, viruses, and internal bleeds over the next 3 years resulting in almost 100 nights in the hospital, Emma’s long term prognosis was uncertain at best.

In February 2012 Emma’s health took a turn for the worst unexpectedly.  Suffering from end stage liver failure the next and only course of action left was a liver transplant.  After a long work up Emma’s mother, Tiffany, was found to be a match and on April 17, 2012 at A.I. du Pont Hospital for Children Emma’s failing liver was removed from her body and a piece of her Mommy’s liver was put inside of her.

The Merrick Family Foundation donated funds to help the family pay off current and future medical expenses.  Both Tiffany and Emma have been recovering very well and are feeling great.  Emma has even more energy and strength now, and spends her days like most little girls playing with her toys, her little brother, and her dog.